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Sunrise | Nova Launcher Android Homescreen Setup No.433

Setup No.433

Recreate this Homescreen setup on any Android device by using the below mentioned Apps:
Application Link to Download
Launcher Nova Launcher
Backup File Available
Wallpaper App Walli4k Wallpapers
Wallpaper Name Stay Positive 
Icon Pack Reev Dark Icon Pack
Widget Pack Square Kwgt
Widget No. 00091

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Recreate this homescreen setup on any android device by using the Custom Icon Packs, Kwgt Widgets and Third-Party Launchers Like Nova launcher, Nothing Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, Hyperion Launcher and all others.

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What is Third Party Launcher

While many Android users already use third-party launchers or are at least familiar with the concept, not everyone may be aware of what they are. A launcher is essentially a home screen app that displays the apps, widgets, and other shortcuts on the device. Android users can easily change that by installing a third-party launcher without having to root their device or install a custom ROM.

What is an Icon Pack

An Icon pack is a set of custom designed icons bundled inside an application which can be installed and applied to your smartphone’s software through an Third Party launcher

What is Kwgt Widget Pack

KWGT is an app that helps you to create stunning widgets for your homescreens

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