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Hanging Lamps | Nova Launcher Android Homescreen Setup No.397

Setup Requirements

Application Link to Download


Nova Launcher

Wallpaper App

Wallberry Wallpapers

Wallpaper Name


Wallpaper Category


Icon Pack

Ghost Icon Pack

Widget Pack-1

Desaturate Kwgt

Widget Number




Check out the tutorials of latest setup's on YouTube which is created by using Third Party Launcher, Custom Icon Packs and Kwgt Widgets.

You can recreate this home screen setup on any android device by using the Third-Party Launchers Like Nova launcher, Nothing Launcher, Lawnchair Launcher, Hyperion Launcher and all others.

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This Abstract Minimal Launcher setup is created by using the Wallpaper from Wallberry Wallpapers Application | Widget from Desaturate  Kwgt Pack | Ghost Icon Pack used.

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